Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freeze Dance!

It's getting harder and harder to write the blog, because Taylor is seeming more and more like a "normal" hearing kid...  which makes me more happy than you can possibly imagine!! 

Her most recent new word is Papa!!  We still haven't gotten a Dada out of her yet though, poor Daddy.  She must be saving the best for last. 

She is regularly saying Mama, Bye, Hi, Meow, and several others.  No "D" sounds at all yet. 

Taylor just passed the 19-month mark.  In the past few weeks, she has gotten to be really good at putting the coil back on her head by herself.  If she loses an "ear" all together, she'll walk right to us to get it fixed...  that is, if she is in a good mood.  If she's irritable and tired, sometimes she rips them off just to get our attention. 

She loves music, and has become quite the little dancer.  Taylor is an excellent imitator.  We watch "The Little Einsteins" quite a bit on our therapy trips to Oklahoma City, and I think she imitates June, the dancer.  She just gets up on her tip-toes, prances around, and spins in circles.  So cute! 

Over Christmas and New Year's, we also had our anniversary and Derek's 3rd birthday.  Taylor got to go sledding for the first time.  She was a good sport about it, considering how cold it was. 

Christmas gave us and our families the chance to load Taylor up with noisy toys, like a guitar, microphone, speaking/learning toys.  She also got a play kitchen that she really loves.  I am thankful for all of these new toys that allow us to role-play and add verbal opportunities into her normal playtime activities.