Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer has been a busy time at our house! It is just flying by.

We got the rechargeable battery packs for Taylor’s Nucleus 5 processors. They are the exact same size as the regular battery packs, so – good news – all of the decorative covers and headbands still fit with them. Saturday was the best day! We got to let Taylor go swimming/splashing in a small pool for hours and hours with our neighbor’s grandkids, with her ears on! No problem, no (well, minimal) worries. With the new rechargeable batteries, they are approved to be water-submersible. At this point, Taylor doesn’t go under water. She runs and splashes around in the pool. Being able to have her “ears” on puts us both more at ease.

We did swimming lessons the week before the 4th of July. Both Derek and Taylor did really well. Derek, at 3.5 years, is swimming around really well with his life jacket on. Taylor, at just over 2, is really brave and will jump off the diving board or into the pool from the side. She has a harder time controlling her swimming movements with only the life jacket on if no one is holding the jacket. But the best part is, they both love swimming and playing in the water.

We went to see my parents for the 4th of July. I have 3 sisters and they were all there with their husbands, kids and Yorkies… we are a Yorkie family. One of my sisters just got a new puppy. Her name is Kona and she is adorable.

Taylor knew she was a “baby” puppy and went easy on her thankfully. Maverick, our Yorkie, usually is getting carted around and chased. He gets away from her more easily than Mikea, our cat. Mikea will amazingly put up with quite a bit of handling from Taylor and Derek.

Taylor keeps adding words, including tractor (followed by Yeah!) and more food words, more often.  i.e.Cookie, Candy, Hot Dog, etc. She is a real eater and gets pretty excited about her meals and snacks.  She also knows her manners and that if she really wants something from Mommy, "Ppppleaase." She's got that one down! 
Taylor has had so many new cool experiences this summer.  She spent the weekend at Papa's farm and got to help feed the cows.  She has ridden in a tractor and a combine.  Loved that.  She has gone to Tanganika wildlife park near Wichita, where she fed lemurs and climbed to (I'm told) the tallest slide ever.  I'm hoping to add some pictures of that soon.  Our family is pretty active and outdoorsy in general, and we seem to never be indoors during the summer.  But when we are, Taylor has mastered riding her tricycle.  It is so cute.  Of course, as with all of her toys, they are old news for big brother Derek until she likes them... then he wants to fight to get them back.  However, with all of this outdoor fun, maybe we should be reading more with Taylor...  but I know that all of the outdoor experiences -- watering flowers/spraying our dog Maverick, ant-stomping, flower picking -- create learning opportunities as well.  As always, we are thankful to have Derek as her big brother and role model.  We hope that she continues to learn from him, just not every little thing he does.  You'll see what I mean....