Friday, February 5, 2010


We just returned from a family vacation to Orlando. What fun! We had beautiful weather for the entire trip, several days above 80 degrees. Taylor and Derek enjoyed the trip, starting with two airplane rides. They were so excited to be on the airplane – Taylor even said “airplane” a few times. It helped that she had Derek to imitate. He loves planes, and it has rubbed off on her. In fact, when we landed in Orlando, after leaving our house at 4 a.m. and taking two plane rides, Derek wanted to know if we were going to get on another airplane. In Orlando when we landed, they were so fascinated with the planes and the baggage handlers that they stood at the window for a good while, even getting the baggage handlers to wave at them. There was a lot of time spent at the pool, which they loved. I think it’s good for the soul to get outside in the sunshine and warmth in January, when you are really getting tired of winter’s cold, dreary weather.
We went to Sea World for two days, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom for one day. Here are a few pictures from those parks!
Mommy and Taylor at It's a Small World ride




Taylor and Derek with the Dolphins

I’m sure that any of you with little ones know what it’s like to ride elevators with two little kids, both so excited and wanting to be the one privileged button-pusher. We were on the third floor at our resort, so there were a lot of elevator rides for the kids to practice. Taylor tried to say “elevator”; she got out the right number of syllables and you could tell that was what she was trying to say.

Every time we take a little vacation, I’m reminded of why they are so needed. It reminds you that there’s a world out there besides the mundane work of daily life. While it’s winter now, we have sunshine and spring coming our way. For children, it provides chances for expansion of the mind, as well as an opportunity for family togetherness and bonding. This was our first trip since we found out that Taylor was deaf and began this CI journey, and it was much needed.

For Taylor, I think she might have been a little worn out by the end of the trip. On the third evening in Orlando, we were seated by a waterfall at RainForest Cafe, enjoying the aquariums and views. Of course, this was after a very long day at Magic Kingdom. I was holding her and walking around the restaurant to give her better views of the aquariums when I noticed that she was missing an "ear". I retraced my steps and ended up back at the table -- no CI. We started looking under the table. A couple seated next to us noticed the commotion and panic, and kindly mentioned that they had seen Taylor throw something into the waterfall. WHAT?!?! Jon and I both had our arms in the waterfall, digging around everywhere. It was kind of bubbly so difficult to see. I asked the waiter to get the waterfall turned off. It took them a little bit, but finally, it went off and we were able to pluck the CI right out. We let it dry out and it worked fine the next day! Here's the waterfall!