Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lauren's Cochlear Implant Activation

Lauren's cochlear implant activation on the left side was yesterday. She did very well. We were able to get a response from her and set the lower limit thresholds with beeps... Then the fun part where we got to talk to her for the first time. It was a breathtaking moment for all of us. She was just curious and had an amused look on her face. Big difference from Taylor's crying when she was activated at 15 months. I think a part of that was that Lauren was only 9.5 months, and Lauren had always worn hearing aids... She at least knew there was such a thing as sound, although it had been very far and distant. Channel 4 in Oklahoma City filmed the activation because it was the earliest surgery and activation ever done in Oklahoma. Here is a link to the new story: Youngest Okla. baby to get gift of hearing Taylor and Derek were so excited to see Lauren her new "ear.". What a family moment! We are going to post more pictures later, but we are moving over this weekend. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. Lauren will be learning to listen, and eventually speak. We are thankful beyond words.


  1. Happy Hearing Birthday! I saw the activation yesterday as it made it's way around Facebook! So sweet!!! Congratulations and best of luck as you and your family embark on yet another hearing journey!

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